Tap off slots allow tap off units to be plugged into the busbar run. The tap off slot outlet and cover are made from a durable, high strength, Class B, 130°C insulation material.

The tap off slot cover is designed to prevent access to the contacts behind the cover and prevent the entry of dirt, dust or moisture. With a standard tap off unit or cover fi tted the Ingress Protection (IP) level is at IP55 but higher levels, up to IP67, can be achieved upon request.

More information on the tap off units available from Powerbar can be found in our Tap Off Brochure.

Straight lengths can be supplied at any length between a minimum of 600mm and a maximum of 3000mm.

The table below illustrates the diff erent types of build arrangement used depending on the rating of busbar required for the application

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Item #

Housing Type

Busbar Rating

Busbar Height


MPB3-A-DL-160-TPNPE N/A Small N/A 160 A N/A 61 mm N/A 20 mm
MPB3-A-DL-250-TPNPE N/A Small N/A 250 A N/A 61 mm N/A 20 mm
MPB3-A-DL-400-TPNPE N/A Small N/A 400 A N/A 61 mm N/A 32 mm
MPB3-A-DL-630-TPNPE N/A Large N/A 630 A N/A 119 mm N/A 60 mm
MPB3-A-DL-800-TPNPE N/A Large N/A 800 A N/A 119 mm N/A 90 mm
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