• Intelligent-Medium-Powerbar-_-iMPB

    iMPB open channel busway system is engineered for use within the data centre and for other mission critical facilities. The unique track design gives users the ability to access power anywhere along the busbar, allowing for greater flexibility. Tap off units can be easily fitted to the electrical busbar with no need for complicated mechanisms or levers. iMPB is fully tested and certified to meet both IEC and UL standards.

  • Edgewise-Elbow-Copper-002

    E+I Engineering’s electrical busway system is available in ratings up to 6600A to facilitate the distribution of high power from transformers to LV switchboards. The low impedance design of the busbar leads to improved short circuit ratings and a reduction in voltage drop. HPB busbar has been fully certified to meet IEC, UL and SEWA requirements. Copper and aluminium conductors are available for all certifications.

  • cast-resin-powerbar---CRPB

    Cast Resin Powerbar is E+I Engineering’s IP68 rated busway system. This innovative electrical busbar has been engineered for use in outdoor or other life safety applications. The conductor is fully enclosed in an IP68 rated cast resin housing which is resistant to fire, water, mechanical loads and extreme temperatures. Cast Resin Powerbar is available with either copper and aluminium conductors.

  • MPB3-Combination-Elbows---Aluminum-CDL

    E+I Engineering’s Medium Powerbar is a nonventilated, air insulated busbar designed to provide the power supply for medium size loads. MPB can be used as either a feeder or distribution application, or as a combination of both. With E+I Engineering’s unique product the two applications are interchangeable negating the need for any special splice connections. The short circuit withstand ratings for the distribution bar are equal to the ratings of the feeder bar. Medium Powerbar is a dual sided system, with tap off box slots on both sides of the busway system. This allows for greater fl exibility in installations. Up to 10 tap off boxes can be installed per a standard 3m length.